Unreadable Passport Anticipation, CD, recorded 2014

Having taken a year off - due to Juniors career-developments -The Cheese once again headed for the Playground Studios in Wrocław. The album title inspired by the eventful trek from Copenhagen/Bornholm/Wrocław to Malmoe and Katowice and back again. The album - which coincidentally marks the 25th anniversary of the Hue/Cheese band - is the usual mix of songs inspired by Mikkel's personal life and some lyrical absurdities in the form of Friggin' Reality. The fifth track is a moving and deeply personal farewell to one of Mikkel's friends, who sadly passed away.

At the controls, Grzegorz Stefański of Playground Studios once again tried to keep calm during the three days of mayhem that eventually produced the 14th studio album of the group, surpassing bands like The Beatles (12 albums) and U2 (13 albums) in artistic creativity. Pink Floyd (15 albums) appear to be the next target for the hardworking quartet from Rødovre :-)


Vacuuming Ole Ritter

Recorded in Wrocław, PL

Playground Studios

November 2014


01 Any Daughter
02 Go! Make It Easy
03 Friggin' Reality
04 From The Bottom To The Top
05 The Hero In This Song


Better Than Puke, CD, recorded 2010-2012

The 2012 recordings marked the final part of the first Polish Trilogy. Contact with the Playground Studio had been re-established and the sound was better than ever! The Cheese recorded five new tracks. Four more tracks, including the great tracks „Friend” and „Jack Is On My Back”, from Mikkel and one track from Michael, the quirky - and this time slightly less forgettable - „Driving To Bhutan”.

Shortly after these recordings, the Playground Studio moved into new premises after an agreement with The Cheese and their Polish football outfit, and negotiations for the recording of the 2nd of a total of 18 Polish Trilogies went on their way.

The CD also included all the previous 13 tracks recorded in 2010 and 2011, thereby making it, by far, the most comprehensive single CD in the Cheese discography. The five tracks from the 2010 session was remastered for added listening pleasure.


Better Than Puke

Recorded in Wrocław, PL

Playground Studios, Disease Studios

October 2010 to November 2012


01 The Score
02 Friend
03 Driving To Bhutan
04 Jack Is On My Back
05 Gold Digger
06 White Ferret
07 Sit Here Alone
08 Circle of Life
09 Buy Me Some Trucks
10 Life
11 May
12 She Was Mine
13 Sit Here Alone Club Remix
14 Fredastaire
15 Show Me Your Feet
16 Find You Hide You
17 Stranger
18 It's You


Jack Is On My Back, Video, recorded 2012

As another new first in Cheese history, director/filmmaker Agnieszka Bekalarzyk shot the official video to the „Jack Is On My Back” track. This track was chosen by The Cheese members using one of the traditional voting procedures, that has stopped this band from evolving for the last 24 years :-)


Jack Is On My Back

Recorded in Wrocław, PL


November 2012


01 Jack Is On My Back


Vacuuming Ole Ritter, CD, recorded 2011

In November 2011, The Cheese once again found themselves in a recording studio in Wroclaw, Poland. This time in the Disease Studio, that turned out to be the only way out after a massive communication failure with the guys from the Playground Studio - that was used one year earlier.

Although cramped into a 25 sqm studio and in a setting that looked like something from Sarajevo in the early 90's, the Cheese managed to put down 7 tracks in only 28 hours, and it was recorded in a quality that was better than ever.

Six fantastic tracks from Mikkel's ever growing songbook and one „made-for-the-occasion” track by Michael, was extended by the first ever „re-mix” to appear on a Cheese recording. The infamous Dr. Phil tracked down Cheese frontman Mikkel using an army of taxies and intense internet-stalking, and convinced him to record an exciting new version of „Sit Here Alone” in a completely new style!


Vacuuming Ole Ritter

Recorded in Wrocław, PL

Disease Studios

November 2011


01 White Ferret
02 Sit Here Alone
03 Circle of Life
04 Buy Me Some Trucks
05 Life
06 May
07 She Was Mine
08 Sit Here Alone Club Remix


Shittin' Bricks , CD, recorded 2010

In October 2010, Morten, Morten and Mikkel decided to surprise The Cheese's Polish resident Michael for his 41th birthday. The weekend resulted in five freshly recorded tracks - none of which had been previously recorded in a professional studio.

In an action packed weekend, The Cheese - helped along by PlayGround Studio's fantastic staff - managed to record the five tracks following a 2-hour rehearsal on friday evening, a marathon 14-hour recording session on saturday and three hours of mixing on sunday afternoon.

This collection of songs is a record-breaker in many ways. It was the first proper studio-production of all four members since 1997. The Cheese produced it's first ever musical video to accompany the track "Stranger". It was the first time ever all four members of The Cheese remained - relatively - sober throughout the entire session. It was the first time the average guitar-solo lasted under one minute and also the first time a majority of the tracks started with a drum-break. For Morten Steen - personally - this album also meant he broke several records playing "Tiger Woods 2011" on his iPhone...

This record is planned to be the first half of a full-length CD to be finished in 2011 named "Shittin' Bigger Bricks"... maybe!


Shittin Bricks

Recorded in Wrocław, PL

PlayGround Studios

October 2010


01 Fredastaire
02 Show Me Your Feet
03 Find You, Hide You
04 Stranger
05 It's You


Douze, Avenue de La Moulon, CD, recorded 2005

Somewhere in the middle of Mikkel's "Lost weekend" - a third batch of somgs were recorded in the cosy surroundings of a small, run-down flat in Valby. Noticeably, this album featured the first ever track sung in Danish.


Douze, Avenue de La Moulon

Recorded in Valby, PL

The Mill Avenue Studios

January 2005


01 Redefined
02 Take Off
03 Sitting On A Bench
04 You've Got Hearts, They've Got Spades
05 Being Me, Being Drunk
06 14 Skridt
07 You've Got Clubs, They've Got Diamonds


Workman's Bum, CD, recorded 2004

Like Nine Months, Workman's Bum was a Mikkel Steen/Michael S. Hansen solo-effort - but part of The Cheese catalogue.

The songs were again recorded on a short holiday stop-over in Poland.


Workman's Bum

Recorded in Wroclaw, PL

The Singing Bri Studios

October 2004


01 #9 Nightmare
02 Neighbour From Hell
03 Hello Bikes
04 Find You, Hide You
05 Břid
06 Have A Drink On Me/It’s All Happening At The Bar
07 Set Sail
08 I’ll Go All The Way


Little School Rehearsals , CD, recorded 2004

The Little School Rehearsals were part of the build-up to the live-performance in Wroclaw, Poland on May 2nd, 2004. The CD consists of 14 tracks, with several takes of the classic live-repertoire.

The recordings were made using a 30-dollar microphone and a Sony Minidisc-player... and the result is a surprisingly clear sound that pretty much reveals the level of playing at the praticesessions and - naturally - the concert that followed.



Little School Rehearsals

Recorded Live at the Albertslund Lilleskole Rehearsal Facility

January 2004


01 She's So Hard
02 Doesn't Matter If You're Black Or White Take One
03 Doesn't Matter If You're Black Or White Take Two
04 Regret Take One & Two
05 I Am God
06 Find You, Hide You
07 Growing Older
08 Paint Me
09 The Rain Take Five
10 Tell You
11 I Don't Really Care If You're My Friend Take One
12 The Rain Take Two & Take Three & Take Four
13 I Don't Really Care If You're My Friend Take Two
14 The Rain Take One



Nine Months The Birth Of A Band, CD, recorded 2003

The Nine Months album was a solo-effort by Mikkel Steen/Michael S. Hansen but is generally recognized to be part of The Cheese catalogue.

During a three-day holiday visit to Poland the musical-like concept album was thought up, rehearsed, recorded and mixed. The story of the musical being basically an autobiography of The Cheese's career...



None Months The Birth Of A Band

Recorded in Wroclaw, PL

The Singing Brie Studios

February, 2003


01 January - leaving the goalpost
02 February - getting the act together
03 March - then there were four
04 April - working hard in the cellar
05 May - hardly ever sober
06 June - right now
07 July - begging for deals part I
08 August - begging for deals part II
09 September - abortion


Revolution In Your Balls , 4-CD, compiled 2002

Inspired by The Beatles Anthology, The Cheese set out to compile all the material that had survived the last ten years of partying, drinking, moving around and being stowed away in various garages and lofts.

The result became the 4-CD compilation Revolution In Your Balls, consisting of 47 tracks and one interview recorded in the early days.

The material was digitalyy cleaned and compiled at the Voiceland Studios in Wroclaw, Poland.



Revolution In Your Balls

4-CD compilation album

Prepared at the Voiceland Studios, Wroclaw, Poland

October 2002




01 Granny With The Gun
02 Truck Driving Monster
03 Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
04 Creditcard Daydreaming Blues
05 When The Responsible Leave
06 67-Year Old Painter's Song
07 My Girl Jack
08 Fish In The Oven
09 Dope Dealing Pimp
10 My Bottle Of Wine
11 We're Exhibitionists
12 The Hand
13 When


01 Black Hole
02 It's Love
03 Tell You
04 Molly Brown
05 Ooh! We Call It Love
06 She's So Hard To Rock'n'Roll
07 That's Life
08 Search For Mary Lou
09 Failure
10 Doesn't Really Matter If You're Black Or White
11 Songie #99
12 Little Mermaid


01 Love Lives Here No More
02 I Am God
03 I Don't Really Care (If You're My Friend)
04 Regret
05 Growing Older
06 Paint Me
07 The Rain
08 Sleeping Suburb Story
09 Saturday Mourning
10 In Me Mind
11 Isn't It Fair
12 Angels
13 …eno rehtona evah ll'I


01 The Hue, Radio Interview
02 Just Pretend
03 Mr. Sweet
04 Stop!
05 Fredastaire
06 Aah You
07 Find You, Hide You
08 She's So Hard To Rock'n'Roll(Live)
09 Come Home With Me
10 Magic Is That


Cheese Odessey 2001, CD, recorded 2001

A doubtful musical performance recorded in a run down studio in Copenhagen a few days after the New Year 2000/2001 festivities. The quality of the sound and the general playing itself leaves much to be desired - but the CD is interesting as it marked a "new beginning" after the guys hadn't touched an instrument in the same room for a couple of years.



Cheese Odyssey

Recorded in Live in Copenhagen, DK

Rental Studio Nřrrebro

January 2001


01 Fred Astaire
02 Aaah-Ooooh
03 It's not unusual
04 Silence is golden
05 She's so hard (live 2001 DJ-club-remix)
06 Tomorrow never knows


It Stinks, CD 1997

The – for a long time – final album of The Cheese was also – by a long way – their best. Recorded at the Ole Steen Studio in the autumn of 1996 and winter/spring of 1997 - The Cheese returned to their roots and worked in the basement at Kongeslusen no. 21, in the Copenhagen suburb of Hvidovre. The same spot where The Cheese had held all their practice-sessions since 1989.

The initial setup of the studio equipment was done by Lille-Ole, a studio technician from the Ole Erling Studio (see The Sky Tape) who later became famous for his involvement in one of the biggest corruption cases to hit Denmark in the new millenium. After the equipment was set up, The Cheese were, for the first time ever, alone and did almost all the work on the album themselves...

Michael: I pull out this album at least once a month and I am still not tired of it... There are so many different things going on and the songs are still not outdated - as many songs from the earlier albums are, for example all our hour-long mamooth-solofilled-heavy-metal-ballads...

I know it didn't really sell and we never got it out to as many people as we meant to, but in a way I am very proud that I played part in the making of this CD. I wonder if people like Aqua or Britney Spears or can pull their own shit of the shelf in a few years and listen to it feeling as good as I do about It Stinks... Probably not, but then they are millionaires and isn't that what being a musician is all about :-)

Junior: My only "official" album with The Cheese. We taped all the basic tracks in november/december 1996, following that I went off to Jutland in january 1997. The three others added vocals and from time to time sent me the latest versions for me to hear and comment on. During a short visit back in Rødovre i the Easter of 1997 I added percussion and vocals on a number of tracks. For me that was a pretty "concentrated" session. The other guys had quite a lot more time to play around with and that can definately be heard on the finished album... I mean this in a positive way!



It Stinks

Recorded in Rřdovre, DK

Ole Steen Studio

September 1996 to March 1997


01 Love Lives Here No More
02 I Am God
03 I Don't Really Care (If You're My Friend)
04 Regret
05 Growing Older
06 Paint Me
07 The Rain
08 Sleeping Suburb Story
09 Saturday Mourning
10 In Me Mind
11 Isn't It Fair
12 Angels
13 …eno rehtona evah ll'I


Invite Your Friends Over For Tea, tape, recorded 1992

Once again The Hue ventured into the VMC Studios in Grondalscentret in Copenhagen. This time with a little more money and a little more time than they had at their disposal when recording Black Hole. Invite Your Friends Over For Tea was the second album The Hue recorded with the engineer Kim “Ørering”. This time helped along by his apprentice/assistant Sonja “Oppenhagen” who - as you could only expect from The Hue - found herself taking part in the actual music itself...

The recording quality was superb and this tape probably presents the most technically well-balanced sound The Hue/Cheese achieved. Definately better than the later recorded It Stinks.

Tim's presence on the album can be felt with the keyboards adding new possibilities to the sound. Sampling was also a new technique The Hue made use of on this album.

As before, Invite Your Friends Over For Tea was issued on tapes, but for the first time, The Hue charged the fans for the tape. The price being 50 Danish kroner.


Invite Your Friends Over For Tea

Recorded in Bellahřj, DK

VMC Studio

April 1992


01 Ooh! We Call It Love
02 She's So Hard To Rock'n'Roll
03 That's Life
04 Search For Mary Lou
05 Failure
06 Doesn't Really Matter If You're Black Or White
07 Songie #99
08 Little Mermaid


Black Hole, tape, recorded 1991

Black Hole was The Hue's warm-up for their Invite Your Friends Over For Tea tape. In many ways Black Hole is a little preview of what was to come a little year later. The tape was recorded in the VMC studios in Grondalscentret in Copenhagen. The most professional of the studios The Hue ever used.

Mikkel and Michael sported brand new Samick-guitars (Gibson look-alikes) while Morten also purchased a Samick bassguitar. These instruments became such an important part of The Hue's sound that they were used exclusively at recordings and concerts even seven years later when the band recorded It Stinks.

The Hue managed to get four tracks down - limited financially to a small number of studio-hours. The sound infinately better than any of the two first tapes, and that not only because The Hue had become a tight little setup.

Once again distributed on tape - which was the "demo"-media of the day back then - Black Hole is still around today in it's original version.


Black Hole

Recorded in Bellahřj, DK

VMC Studio

September 1991


01 Black Hole
02 It's Love
03 Tell You
04 Molly Brown


The Skytape (Skybåndet), tape, recorded 1990

Recorded at the Ole Erling Studio in Ballerup, Copenhagen, Denmark in the autumn of 1990. This recording was done in slightly more professional surroundings and the general sound is a lot better than it was on The Hue I. On this recording The Hue had 16 tracks to play around with, but never used more than 9 or 10. The recording technician was Lille-Ole - see also It Stinks - and of course Ole Erling - a Danish cult-figure - popped by to see who was making such noise in his basement.

Again the recordings were issued on cassette-tapes and distributed at great speed, they were out so fast that The Skytape today is even harder to get hold of than The Hue I. This despite the fact that they were issued in a larger number.

The first issue of the tape came with a booklet “The Skybook”, complete with lyrics and a black cut-out dot designed for the listener to jump along the lyrics much alike the wellknown “Karaoke-ball”.


The Skytape

Recorded in Ballerup, DK

Ole Erling Studio

November 1990


01 When The Responsible Leave
02 67-Year Old Painter's Song
03 My Girl Jack
04 Fish In The Oven
05 Dope Dealing Pimp
06 My Bottle Of Wine
07 We're Exhibitionists
08 The Hand
09 When


The Hue I, tape, recorded 1990

Recorded in the Ole Steen Studio at the basement of his home in Kongeslusen 21, Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Denmark in February 1990. These tracks were recorded on a Fostex 8-track tape reel recorder. All mixing and engineering was done by the experienced Ole Steen, while all arrangements were done by the band itself. Mikkel played his cheap Fender guitar, while Michael appears with his 99-dollar Epiphone. Morten Hansen borrowed a bass for the sessions while the only well prepared member of the band was Morten Kuhlmann – who set up his own kit especially for the sessions.

The initial sound was pretty good – this is purely recording-technically speaking – but over the years the original material has been copied a number of times and the result can be heard on this compact disc.

The performances themselves left a lot to be desired. It is clear that this material saw the light of day very early in the guy's careers. But there are plenty of memorable moments that overshadow the obvious lack of musical and technical skill.

The Hue I was released on a very limited amount of cassette-tapes, that were distributed amongst friends and family, most of these tapes have since vanished and it is rumoured that original tape versions of The Hue I, will fetch up to 150 Danish kroner - that's almost 20 US Dollars!


The Hue I

Redorded in Rřdovre, DK

Ole Steen Studio

February 1990


01 Granny With The Gun
02 Truck Driving Monster
03 Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
04 Creditcard Daydreaming Blues