She’s So Hard To Rock'n'Roll, Mikkel Steen/Michael Hansen
Vocals, rhythm/lead guitar: Mikkel Steen
Rhythm/lead guitar: Michael Hansen
Bass: Morten Hansen
Drums: Morten Kuhlmann
Keyboard, percussion: Tim Jørgensen
Additional vocals: Sonja Oppenhagen
Recorded in the VMC Studio, autumn 1992
2nd song on appearing on Invite Your Friends Over For Tea, length x:xx minutes
6th song appearing on Revolution In Your Balls, disc two

One of the more hardhitting songs from the group – this became one of the standard numbers at all live performances, Michael’s riff coupled with Mikkel’s nicely organised synchronised solo – a la Thin Lizzy – makes for a great track. One funny moment is when Sonja Ubenhagen misreads her lines, claiming “… suck my fucking mother pussy”. Strangely, the band seemed to like this and left it in.

Michael: Maybe the best of all our heavier tracks, I don't know?! The riff is so simple it's almost criminal, but it just works really well. The solo-piece was refreshing and I think it was the first time we got into the Thin Lizzy-like double guitar-solo's. That mistake “… suck my fucking mother pussy" really pisses me off, I wish we would have changed it, it would have taken one minute - but there you go... what a shame fucking...

Mikkel: I played the tape for one of my very musically able girlfriends after it came out - she remarked that she always liked us the most when we played straight rock. Listening to this track it's easy to see why - this shit really kicks butt. For once my voice sounds really rough and heavy, like it would after 200 Marlboro's and a bottle of Jack Daniel's...

This was one of the only ones that stayed on the playlist all the way into the Cheese days, which is understandable since the nerve the song has on the tape was nothing compared to the live-versions. In the Cheese-days - though - Tim's John Lord-like keyboard was greatly missed...

Junior: A hefty song that survived the groups formation change into the Cheese lineup. It opened almost all our Cheese concerts. One funny thing I remember, is that we played it at the Danish Rock Championships Qualifier in Randers, 1997 (Don't ask!). We were opening with this one - as usual - and played something like 20 seconds before I realised that the siding (is it called like that?) on my snaredrum was loose... I stopped the band, a sound technician fixed the drum - I thought it was broken - I counted us in once again, and we proceeded to blow the crowd away and went on to the next round!