Songie #99, Mikkel Steen/Michael Hansen/Nicholas Ivin
Vocals, rhythm guitar: Mikkel Steen
Lead guitar: Michael Hansen
Bass: Morten Hansen
Drums: Morten Kuhlmann
Keyboard, percussion: Tim Jørgensen
Recorded in the VMC Studio, autumn 1992
7th song on appearing on Invite Your Friends Over For Tea, length x:xx minutes
11th song appearing on Revolution In Your Balls, disc two

The main riff and chord structure for this track was thought up by Nicholas Ivin, a Norwegian-English friend of the band and an old friend of Michael. The title, as goes for the lyrics of this track, is complete nonsense and it’s all closed up nicely by the biggest grammatical error in the groups history – “… way up in sky…” – an error almost rivalling neighbourhood band Free Cloud No. 9’s colossal blunder The Devil Always Take The Last In Line (A bigger mistake, since this was the title of the track, and not just a closing howl).

Michael: I make a little mistake right in the opening riff, and that has always irrritated me – but I really like the song and it was always great to play live. The riff really kicks. I remember once we it played at a concert in Poland - right after we played Nirvana's Smell's Like Teen Spirit - a friend of ours - Frisbee, named so by Mikkel (Who else?) - looked at me when we opened the song. It was like he was trying to say "You don't have to play Nirvana, this shit kicks ass!" - anyway, that's how I felt. It might easily have been that he tried to say "When are these idiots going to finish?"...