Fish In The Oven, Mikkel Steen/Michael Hansen
Vocals, rhythm guitar: Mikkel Steen
Lead guitar: Michael Hansen
Bass: Morten Hansen
Drums: Morten Kühlmann
Recorded in the Ole Erling Studio, autumn 1990
4th song appearing on The Sky Tape (Skybåndet), length x:xx minutes
8th song appearing on Revolution In Your Balls, disc one

A straight blues that Michael brought into the practice room. The title inspired by a portuguese dish – ovenbaked fish, potatoa nd tomatoes – that a relative prepared on one of his more and more frequent visits to Poland. The lyrics quickly turned into yet another capitalism-bashing hymn, this time with “fish” being the all too obvious metaphor for money.

It is definately not the most innovative piece of writing in the Hue catalogue, but it remains a cosy, little blues-tune with a bizarre set of lyrics. The boys tightness around this time was getting better and better, listen to the break at 4:52 minutes – a nice detail.

Michael: I’ve always liked blues, playing blues soloes – but I think this was the only one I ever brought in. I think I had the intro/outro chord sequence at first and then I just threw a straight blues into the middle. As Mikkel’s material was getting better all the time, it was the last time I would get away with a song like this as an excuse to play blues soloes on a recording.

Mikkel: A basic blues without any big ideas. The intro is meant as a tribute to Princes' - or whatever the fuck he's called - track Kiss. Typical Hue. The ideas of bringing on little hints and pointers to other track probably started here...

Fish In The Oven, lyrics:

Have you ever sort of wondered, how long a lifetime really is
Or how much you mean to people around you
Well, here’s a funny little story about a very selfish guy
Who liked fish more than people

I like fish, you like fish, he likes fish and she likes fish
And we all like fish more than eachother

Dude came to my door, in the night around four
His tires were flat, his breath smelled bad
But all he wanted was a friend

Leave me alone, get off my case
I have a fish in the oven
Leave me alone, get off my case
I have a fish in the oven

Been sacked from his job, as a traffic-cop
His dog fell under a car, they closed his favourite bar
But all he wanted was a friend
But I told him there and then

Leave me alone, get off...

Holes in his clothes, I said, blood on his nose
Well, a terrible sight, but I write
All he wanted was a friend
But I told him there and then

Leave me alone, get off...

Well, now you’ve heard the story about the man who liked fish
So you wouldn’t be surprised, if a happy fish came up and told you
That this kind of guy, is running the world today