Black Hole, Mikkel Steen/Michael Hansen
Vocals, rhythm/lead guitar: Mikkel Steen
Lead guitar: Michael Hansen
Bass: Morten Hansen
Drums, percussion: Morten Kühlmann
Recorded in the VMC Studio, summer 1991
1st song appearing on Black Hole, length x:xx minutes
1st song appearing on Revolution In Your Balls, disc two

The title song from the Black Hole tape was mainly written by Michael - and built around the opening riff. With a slight taste of AC/DC this track was a different type of "heavy" music for the group. Shorter, more dynamic and not at all like the heavy-ballads When The Responsible Leave and Molly Brown, to be found later on this album.

The backing vocals were also done by the band themselves without help from Ole Steen. Obviously the result less impressive than had Mr. Steen helped out, but the decision to start doing all voices themselves certainly helped them out later on - for example - Ooh! We Call It Love and the other songs on the much more vocal-heavy Invite Your Friends Over For Tea tape.

Michael: This was a nice riff and the song worked well as a whole. I remember at the time that I thought this was the best of my recorded soloes - luckily they got better. But in general from the Black Hole tape and onwards, all aspects of the music just improved a lot, every aspect...

Mikkel: From Michael's first attack on the guitar, this track welcomes a new era. The sound, the songs, the arrangements and the performances are much better than what was heard on The Skytape - Black Hole shows the way forward. Tight shit!