Doesn’t Really Matter If Your Black Or White, Mikkel Steen/Michael Hansen
Vocals, rhythm/lead guitar: Mikkel Steen
Rhythm/lead guitar, speak: Michael Hansen
Bass: Morten Hansen
Drums: Morten Kuhlmann
Keyboard: Tim Jørgensen
Recorded in the VMC Studio, autumn 1992
6th song on appearing on Invite Your Friends Over For Tea, length x:xx minutes

A three-part “protest-song” – dealing with world hunger in a very un-Cheese manner – almost no humorous undertones in the lyrics – apart from the opening “Wake up dad, you fat, overweight asshole” which was a line borrowed from Michael Jacksons hit with the same title. The first part is a heavymetal-style intro, followed by the main song and the traditional extended solo at the end… very Cheese indeed! A noticeable moment is Mikkel’s hissing sound, trying to sound like a cold, starving african child…

Michael: this is probably my favourite… must be! It was funny, I was supposed to do the intro solo and Mikkel the solo in the end, but after quite a lot of tries we decided to swap – and we got the thing down almost immediately…

Junior: evnthough this song is from before my days in the band, it's definately one of my favourites. I don't like the intro much - or the outro - but the melody is great!