The Hand, Mikkel Steen/Michael Hansen/Tom Lehrer
Vocals, rhythm guitar: Mikkel Steen
Lead guitar: Michael Hansen
Bass: Morten Hansen
Drums: Morten Kühlmann
Backing vocals: Ole Steen
Recorded in the Ole Erling Studio, autumn 1990
8th song on appearing on The Sky Tape (Skybåndet), length x:xx minutes
12th song appearing on Revolution In Your Balls, disc one

The Hand quickly proved to be a favourite of the fans. Amongst the band itself - though - there were major disagreements about the quality of this track. The lyrics - at least in the verses - were based on some words Mikkel was given by a female admirerer, maybe even a fan!

The text was forgotten for some time, but eventually dusted off and thrown onto some chords. Later it was discovered that the words were ripped off from Tom Lehrers' - 1960's intellectual Massachusetts protest-singer - satirical track Masochistic Tango. In Mikkel's defence it should be noted that he wasn't aware of this, but Tom Lehrer was more or less a family legend at the Hansen household and eventually the connection was made. The only original part were the choruses "If I could I would give you a hand" - which were sung powerfully by father/son duet Mikkel and Ole Steen.

Basically this track is as Hue as it can get, and it marks the start of the true Hue-sound era. The sound where the two Mortens keep the heavy backbeat, while Mikkel spice up with chord-structures and finally on top of that Michael's melodic guitar-themes. Classic Hue.

One funny little detail is to be heard in the break before the singing of the first verse begins. The musical reader can clap on his/hers knee and see how completely wrong the verse starts... it more on the 5-beat than on the 4-beat. But, listen to it again and it is clear that the four bandmembers start the verse completely tight, it's not just tight, it's "Toto-tight"... Now that's weird...

Michael: I remember that I felt really strange the first time we played this song, it felt really, really right for the first time. I so seriously thought this would be our first hit, that I almost made downpayments on a new Porsche! No, but seriously this was my favourite song up until we made Doesn't Really Matter If Your Black Or White - and I think it is the earliest of our songs that can still be played today without any of us putting it down...

Mikkel: I never really liked this number. The lyrics aren't ours, neither are the chords - they were "borrowed" from Ole Steen's song Country Life. I've always thought the song goes on for eternities, but if you listen to the individual performances it's actually pretty good. Emmeth's bass is really melodic an carries the track well, Billy's lead guitar is typical Billy. Hear it once and you'll remember it. I am even satisfied with my own singing, but as a track? Naaaahrj...