Search For Mary Lou, Mikkel Steen/Michael Hansen
Vocals, rhythm guitar: Mikkel Steen
Lead guitar: Michael Hansen
Bass,backing vocals: Morten Hansen
Drums: Morten Kuhlmann
Keyboard, backing vocals: Tim Jørgensen
Recorded in the VMC Studio, autumn 1992
4th song on appearing on Invite Your Friends Over For Tea, length x:xx minutes

Search For Mary Lou was written during a practice session based on Michael's thunderous riff that open this track - this song is probably the biggest "joint project" that involved the whole band in the creative process. The lyrics describe the problems of obsessive TV watching, a typical, ironic set of Hue lyrics. This theme was used in another track Tubelover that The Hue performed a various concerts a few years earlier.

What makes this one attractive, is all the creativity that's stuffed into every second of the song. This for sure had to do with the fact that all five members of the band came up with their seperate ideas during the practice session. A noticeable moment is when Mikkel is supposed to sing "TV" the third time in the second chorus...

Mikkel: Michael had this riff that we all liked, so we decided to do something with it. I don't know if the final result was what he was looking for, but I remember we had a lot of fun doing the song. The track really shows how many different ideas went into the writing process, there's nothing but the returning riff - from time to time - that keeps this song as one piece.