It’s Love, Mikkel Steen/Michael Hansen
Vocals, rhythm guitar: Mikkel Steen
Lead guitar, backing vocals, organ: Michael Hansen
Bass: Morten Hansen
Drums, percussion: Morten Kühlmann
Recorded in the VMC Studio, summer 1991
2nd song appearing on Black Hole, length x:xx minutes
2nd song appearing on Revolution In Your Balls, disc two

A god honest try at making something funky. This song saw the light of day while Morten K. and Mikkel were waiting for the others to turn up at a practice session (Maybe this is why the song contains solo-drum fills from Kühlmann). The song contains of three parts: the funky verse built around wah-wah variations i A-major, a bridge piece that builds up to the chorus (which more or less is the verse!) and finally a jamming piece where Morten K. once again shows what he was capable of.

The interesting thing about the sound is the appearance of a new instrument, that was going to play a bigger part in The Hue's music: a keyboard. On this song it is kept at a minimum with Michael choosing to play a single chord - which on it's own doesn't sound like much. It is the timing of what's played that gives the keyboard a much larger role in the sound-picture, when a single chord is played.

The lyrics are pure and utter crap, and the only thing that one can be sure of is the chorus "It's love". This track is very tight, especially the drum/bass team, and around this period some of the most technically advanced music the group had recorded. The talk in the intro ("Hey man, we're paying for this shit!") was added later, which can be heard on Morten K.'s hi-hat that is doubletracked...

Michael: It was just around this recording I started up the business in Poland, but we didn't have any cash, fuck all actually! Hence my "let's get started, we're paying for this shit" outburst. As far as I remember it was a bit stressing and we did spend a little bit more money than we would have liked to... It wasn't until It Stinks - when we had unlimited time on our hands - that we could really let go and I think that can be heard.
I always liked this song for our gigs, though - it's moves along nicely!

Mikkel: A quick little thing, that - as far as I remember - took 10 minutes to write, practice and finish. Eventhough I had all the pieces ready to begin with it's pretty much a group effort. The bridge - "Baby, whispers in my ear" - is inspired by the old hit Sealed With A Kiss that I think Jason Donovan - the queer - had success with around that time.
The recording is pretty good - especially the wah-wah sound is crisp. I don't think I ever played it that well again...