My Girl Jack, Mikkel Steen/Michael Hansen
Vocals, rhythm guitar: Mikkel Steen
Lead guitar: Michael Hansen
Bass: Morten Hansen
Drums: Morten Kühlmann
Recorded in the Ole Erling Studio, autumn 1990
3rd song appearing on The Sky Tape (Skybåndet), length x:xx minutes
7th song appearing on Revolution In Your Balls, disc one

Primarily written by Michael, this song was – probably – inspired by the sound of David Gilmour’s 12-string acoustic guitar from Pink Floyd’s track Wish You Were Here. This song was recorded in a small amount of takes, since it was an arrangement that demanded little musical skill, the only slight challenge being the speedy breaks in the chorus – quite a job for the fingertips, being played on the 12-string.

The biggest hurdle at the sessions was keeping the 12 strings in tune, a problem The Hue later battled with at a number of concerts where My Girl Jack was on the playlist. Before most concerts half the time would be spent drinking beer, the other half trying to get the 12-string in tune...

Michael: I think this was one of my better contributions to this album, it has quite a nice little melody – something unusual for my songs at that time. I remember we revived the song some years later, with Mikkel playing the rhythm on electric instead of the 12-string and it kind of improved the sound of the song. Again the lyrics are pretty funny – it’s always good to hear this kind of lyrics so many years later, I am glad I didn’t try to write about love or some other serious matters back then. It would for sure be a bit corny listening to it now...

Mikkel: I remember Billy told me that the acoustic guitar bit was inspired by Wish You Were Here – a track I wasn’t familiar with back then. Comparing the songs today, I’m having a hard time finding the connection, other than the general rhythm, so actually Jack is a nice enough track on it’s own...

My Girl Jack, lyrics:

I met a very fun girl, to much fun for me
Met a lonely, sad girl, as sad as you can be
But now I’ve met this lady, she’s ruined my life
Think I’m gonna ask her, if she wants to be my wife

Listen here...

I took her out for dinner, cost a million bucks
I thought I’d picked a winner, but she kicked me in the nuts
That strange, strange lady, who’s ruined my life
And yesterday I asked her, if she wants to be my wife

She wears a baby-seal fur, tiger-skin boots
She’s everything I ever wanted, everything I ever liked
She looks like Margaret Thatcher, shark from Jaws III
She’s everything a girl could ever be

You’re fucking crazy, if you believe in all that crap

We’ve been together for a long time, and I’m still standing up
She’s got me in her fist now, and all she does is shop
The strange, strange lady, who’s actual name is Jack
After i married her, she turned out to be a fag

She turned out to be a fag

She wears a baby-seal fur...

My girl jack, my girl jack, I love you, my girl jack, I love you my girl Jack