The Cheese (formerly The Hue) has produced the following CD's and Audio Tape albums.

Listed in reverse chronological order:

The Best Irish Band (2018)
Sofa So Good (2017)
Ni Bu Shi Shang Hong, 2015
Unreadable Passport A., 2014
Better Than Puke, 2012
Jack Is On My Back, 2012
Vacuuming Ole Ritter, 2011
Shittin' Bricks, 2010
Douze, Av. De La Moulon, 2005
Workman's Bum, 2004
Little School Rehearsals, 2004
Nine Months, 2003
Revolution In You Balls, 2002
Cheese Odyssey 2001, 2001
It Stinks, 1997
Invite Your Friends, 1992




Black Hole, 1991
The Skytape, 1990
The Hue I, 1990