The Skytape (Skybåndet), tape, recorded 1990

Recorded at the Ole Erling Studio in Ballerup, Copenhagen, Denmark in the autumn of 1990. This recording was done in slightly more professional surroundings and the general sound is a lot better than it was on The Hue I. On this recording The Hue had 16 tracks to play around with, but never used more than 9 or 10. The recording technician was Lille-Ole - see also It Stinks - and of course Ole Erling - a Danish cult-figure - popped by to see who was making such noise in his basement.

Again the recordings were issued on cassette-tapes and distributed at great speed, they were out so fast that The Skytape today is even harder to get hold of than The Hue I. This despite the fact that they were issued in a larger number.

The first issue of the tape came with a booklet “The Skybook”, complete with lyrics and a black cut-out dot designed for the listener to jump along the lyrics much alike the wellknown “Karaoke-ball”.


The Skytape

Recorded in Ballerup, DK

Ole Erling Studio

November 1990


01 When The Responsible Leave
02 67-Year Old Painter's Song
03 My Girl Jack
04 Fish In The Oven
05 Dope Dealing Pimp
06 My Bottle Of Wine
07 We're Exhibitionists
08 The Hand
09 When