Shittin' Bricks , CD, recorded 2010

In October 2010, Morten, Morten and Mikkel decided to surprise The Cheese's Polish resident Michael for his 41th birthday. The weekend resulted in five freshly recorded tracks - none of which had been previously recorded in a professional studio.

In an action packed weekend, The Cheese - helped along by PlayGround Studio's fantastic staff - managed to record the five tracks following a 2-hour rehearsal on friday evening, a marathon 14-hour recording session on saturday and three hours of mixing on sunday afternoon.

This collection of songs is a record-breaker in many ways. It was the first proper studio-production of all four members since 1997. The Cheese produced it's first ever musical video to accompany the track "Stranger". It was the first time ever all four members of The Cheese remained - relatively - sober throughout the entire session. It was the first time the average guitar-solo lasted under one minute and also the first time a majority of the tracks started with a drum-break. For Morten Steen - personally - this album also meant he broke several records playing "Tiger Woods 2011" on his iPhone...

This record is planned to be the first half of a full-length CD to be finished in 2011 named "Shittin' Bigger Bricks"... maybe!


Shittin Bricks

Recorded in Wrocław, PL

PlayGround Studios

October 2010


01 Fredastaire
02 Show Me Your Feet
03 Find You, Hide You
04 Stranger
05 It's You