Ni Bu Shi Shang Hong, CD, recorded 2015

In 2015, The Cheese returned to the crazy world of Łukasz Spuziak and the Disease Studio. The studio had now relocated to an observation tower, situated right at the very end of the freezing, cold Wrocław Harbour.

The result of the ordeal, was the first concept album made by the entire group - "Nine Months The Birth Of A Band" was primarily an effort by Mikkel and Billy. An album consisting of nine tracks gliding into and overlapping eachother, it had all the trademarks of the genre - although lacking an actual concept!

Six songs by always productive Mikkel, one by Billy - the bands first ever Christmas song - and two acoustic jewels by Emmeth make up one of the - soundwise - more succesful efforts of The Cheese.


Ni Bu Shi Shang Hong

Recorded in Wrocław, PL

Disease Studios

November 2015


01 Crabs And Fish
02 Carpenter Interlude
03 I Wanted More
04 Hello People
05 What's In My Soul
06 Old People's Town
07 Stuff You Get For Christmas
08 The Thing
09 Crabs And Fish (Reprise)