Sofa So Good, CD, recorded 2017

After the ordeal of recording Nibu Shi Shang Hong in subzero temperatures, the aging Cheeses took a longer-than-usual break, before finally coming together in - surprisingly warm - January 2017.

This album was to become something completely different...

After having been ditched by madman & self-proclaimed producer Lunar Spuziak - just one week before recordings were to begin - Michael had to begin an intensive search for a new studio AND a producer that didn't scrape his knuckles on the floor, when he walked. And sometimes luck just shines through the dark clouds. The Cheese managed to book the Tower Studios - a world of difference from the shambles and dismay of the previous studio, situated in an abandoned harbour building.

But that wasn't the end of the good news. In what can only be called a monumental scoop, The Cheeses hired Grammy-award winning Polish producer Voytek Kochanek. A man that had previously worked with Ike Turner, Ice T, Chaka Khan, Dweezil Zappa, Guns And Roses, Ozzy Osborne, Patti Smith, Peter Frampton and Steve Vai... to name a few. And now The Cheese.

The result was an album that sounded better than anything, the four cheeses had EVER managed since the start in 1990!

The album comprised of five songs from Mikkels catalogue, a Trump-protest from Michael and - for the first time since the very first song "Granny With The Gun"/1990 - two songs written by Morten Brynaa. One of the - Mr. Universe - becoming the musical video of the album!


Sofa So Good

Recorded in Wrocław, PL

Tower Studios

January 2017


01 Stuck
02 Mr. Universe
03 He’s Atomic
04 The Yawning Chasm
05 Well, Well, Well
06 So Long, Farewell, Bye Bye
07 Broken Home
08 Jah

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