Black Hole, tape, recorded 1991

Black Hole was The Hue's warm-up for their Invite Your Friends Over For Tea tape. In many ways Black Hole is a little preview of what was to come a little year later. The tape was recorded in the VMC studios in Grondalscentret in Copenhagen. The most professional of the studios The Hue ever used.

Mikkel and Michael sported brand new Samick-guitars (Gibson look-alikes) while Morten also purchased a Samick bassguitar. These instruments became such an important part of The Hue's sound that they were used exclusively at recordings and concerts even seven years later when the band recorded It Stinks.

The Hue managed to get four tracks down - limited financially to a small number of studio-hours. The sound infinately better than any of the two first tapes, and that not only because The Hue had become a tight little setup.

Once again distributed on tape - which was the "demo"-media of the day back then - Black Hole is still around today in it's original version.


Black Hole

Recorded in Bellahřj, DK

VMC Studio

September 1991


01 Black Hole
02 It's Love
03 Tell You
04 Molly Brown