Invite Your Friends Over For Tea, tape, recorded 1992

Once again The Hue ventured into the VMC Studios in Grondalscentret in Copenhagen. This time with a little more money and a little more time than they had at their disposal when recording Black Hole. Invite Your Friends Over For Tea was the second album The Hue recorded with the engineer Kim “Ørering”. This time helped along by his apprentice/assistant Sonja “Oppenhagen” who - as you could only expect from The Hue - found herself taking part in the actual music itself...

The recording quality was superb and this tape probably presents the most technically well-balanced sound The Hue/Cheese achieved. Definately better than the later recorded It Stinks.

Tim's presence on the album can be felt with the keyboards adding new possibilities to the sound. Sampling was also a new technique The Hue made use of on this album.

As before, Invite Your Friends Over For Tea was issued on tapes, but for the first time, The Hue charged the fans for the tape. The price being 50 Danish kroner.


Invite Your Friends Over For Tea

Recorded in Bellahřj, DK

VMC Studio

April 1992


01 Ooh! We Call It Love
02 She's So Hard To Rock'n'Roll
03 That's Life
04 Search For Mary Lou
05 Failure
06 Doesn't Really Matter If You're Black Or White
07 Songie #99
08 Little Mermaid