Vacuuming Ole Ritter, CD, recorded 2011

In November 2011, The Cheese once again found themselves in a recording studio in Wroclaw, Poland. This time in the Disease Studio, that turned out to be the only way out after a massive communication failure with the guys from the Playground Studio - that was used one year earlier.

Although cramped into a 25 sqm studio and in a setting that looked like something from Sarajevo in the early 90's, the Cheese managed to put down 7 tracks in only 28 hours, and it was recorded in a quality that was better than ever.

Six fantastic tracks from Mikkel's ever growing songbook and one „made-for-the-occasion” track by Michael, was extended by the first ever „re-mix” to appear on a Cheese recording. The infamous Filip "Dr. Phil" Kofod, aka Filip Kofod, tracked down Cheese frontman Mikkel using an army of taxies and intense internet-stalking, and convinced him to record an exciting new version of „Sit Here Alone” in a completely new style! Not to forget, this was done by Filip Kofod! :-)


Vacuuming Ole Ritter

Recorded in Wrocław, PL

Disease Studios

November 2011


01 White Ferret
02 Sit Here Alone
03 Circle of Life
04 Buy Me Some Trucks
05 Life
06 May
07 She Was Mine
08 Sit Here Alone Club Remix