The Hue I, tape, recorded 1990

Recorded in the Ole Steen Studio at the basement of his home in Kongeslusen 21, Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Denmark in February 1990. These tracks were recorded on a Fostex 8-track tape reel recorder. All mixing and engineering was done by the experienced Ole Steen, while all arrangements were done by the band itself. Mikkel played his cheap Fender guitar, while Michael appears with his 99-dollar Epiphone. Morten Hansen borrowed a bass for the sessions while the only well prepared member of the band was Morten Kuhlmann – who set up his own kit especially for the sessions.

The initial sound was pretty good – this is purely recording-technically speaking – but over the years the original material has been copied a number of times and the result can be heard on this compact disc.

The performances themselves left a lot to be desired. It is clear that this material saw the light of day very early in the guy's careers. But there are plenty of memorable moments that overshadow the obvious lack of musical and technical skill.

The Hue I was released on a very limited amount of cassette-tapes, that were distributed amongst friends and family, most of these tapes have since vanished and it is rumoured that original tape versions of The Hue I, will fetch up to 150 Danish kroner - that's almost 20 US Dollars!


The Hue I

Redorded in Rřdovre, DK

Ole Steen Studio

February 1990


01 Granny With The Gun
02 Truck Driving Monster
03 Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
04 Creditcard Daydreaming Blues