Better Than Puke , CD, recorded 2010-2012

The 2012 recordings marked the final part of the first Polish Trilogy. Contact with the Playground Studio had been re-established and the sound was better than ever! The Cheese recorded five new tracks. Four more tracks, including the great tracks „Friend” and „Jack Is On My Back”, from Mikkel and one track from Michael, the quirky - and this time slightly less forgettable - „Driving To Bhutan”.

Shortly after these recordings, the Playground Studio moved into new premises after an agreement with The Cheese and their Polish football outfit, and negotiations for the recording of the 2nd of a total of 18 Polish Trilogies went on their way.

The CD also included all the previous 13 tracks recorded in 2010 and 2011, thereby making it, by far, the most comprehensive single CD in the Cheese discography. The five tracks from the 2010 session was remastered for added listening pleasure.


Better Than Puke

Recorded in Wrocław, PL

Playground Studios, Disease Studios

October 2010 to November 2012


01 The Score
02 Friend
03 Driving To Bhutan
04 Jack Is On My Back
05 Gold Digger
06 White Ferret
07 Sit Here Alone
08 Circle of Life
09 Buy Me Some Trucks
10 Life
11 May
12 She Was Mine
13 Sit Here Alone Club Remix
14 Fredastaire
15 Show Me Your Feet
16 Find You Hide You
17 Stranger
18 It's You