Metaforisk Mercedes, CD, recorded 2019

Somewhere in the middle of 2019, Morten Brynna submitted two songs to the usual pool of tracks considered for "the next one". Two songs with one little difference to all but one - 14 Skridt from Douze, Avenue de La Moulon (2005 - of the previous 111 original tracks recorded by The Cheese. Both songs containing Danish lyrics.

A discussion - and probably a voting proces - followed, and the Cheeses decided to makt the 19th album, the first one in their mother tongue.

Once again Grammy-winning Voytek Kochanek - The Cheeses own George Martin - was behind the controls of a 30 hour session, that was cut slightly short by the usual air transport problems. This time caused by an overly enthusiastic member of the band and a fussy stewardess from Scandinavian Airlines. At the end of the exchanging of viewpoints, the Canadair CRJ 900 left for Wrocław with only two of the three "Danish" Cheeses on board.

Metaforisk Mercedes - a hint to acomment about "a BMW and someone sitting on the corner with a case of beer" during an infamous argument between the hotheaded Steen-brothers (in Randers somewhere around 1998 or 1999, at six in the morning) - contains eight tracks. The two original songs by Morten Brynaa. One by Michael - originally Sometimes (in English) - Sommeren Er Ovre and five tracks by Mikkel. One of them a remake of the before mentioned 14 Skridt, a remake of Find You, Hide You and three original pieces.

The album was printed in 100 copies and put out on over 150 different musical portals. Making it one of the only albums in the world, that has fewer unique clicks than the amount of sites it can be found on!!! A new first, that proves that The Cheese are putting up a fight! Not only on airplanes!


Metaforisk Mercedes

Recorded in Wrocław, PL

Tower Studios

October 2019


01 - Den Blonde
02 - Godmorgenmanden
03 - Det' Mit
04 - Renslip
05 - Som Jeg Gør
06 - Fejl
07 - Sommeren Er Ovre
08 - Askebægermund

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