Nine Months The Birth Of A Band, CD, recorded 2003

The Nine Months album was a solo-effort by Mikkel Steen/Michael S. Hansen but is generally recognized to be part of The Cheese catalogue.

During a three-day holiday visit to Poland the musical-like concept album was thought up, rehearsed, recorded and mixed. The story of the musical being basically an autobiography of The Cheese's career...



None Months The Birth Of A Band

Recorded in Wroclaw, PL

The Singing Brie Studios

February, 2003


01 January - leaving the goalpost
02 February - getting the act together
03 March - then there were four
04 April - working hard in the cellar
05 May - hardly ever sober
06 June - right now
07 July - begging for deals part I
08 August - begging for deals part II
09 September - abortion