The Best Irish Band, CD, recorded 2018

Once again, the four Cheeses teamed up with Tower Studios and Voytek Kochanek, and once again the quality of the sound was in a league of it's own.

The Cheeses - whom the owner of the Tower Studio introduced as "the best band from ireland" - hence the title of the album - once again managed to record 8 tracks in just 30 hours, helped along by the magic fingers of Mr. Grammy and his assistant.

This time around, Mikkel again came up with five songs - among them Sick Games, that became the video of the year, two songs from Michael and once again Morten B. contributed with a great track, can'tseemtofindyou.


The Best Irish Band

Recorded in Wrocław, PL

Tower Studios

November 2018


01 - (It Could Have Been Such A) Perfect Day
02 - Day Of The War
03 - Text Me Bitch
04 - can'tseemtofindyou
05 - Sick Games
06 - Ninety Nine
07 - Spare
08 - Julian

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