Unreadable Passport Anticipation, CD, recorded 2011

Having taken a year off - due to Juniors career-developments -The Cheese once again headed for the Playground Studios in Wrocław. The album title inspired by the eventful trek from Copenhagen/Bornholm/Wrocław to Malmoe and Katowice and back again. The album - which coincidentally marks the 25th anniversary of the Hue/Cheese band - is the usual mix of songs inspired by Mikkel's personal life and some lyrical absurdities in the form of Friggin' Reality. The fifth track is a moving and deeply personal farewell to one of Mikkel's friends, who sadly passed away.

At the controls, Grzegorz Stefański of Playground Studios once again tried to keep calm during the three days of mayhem that eventually produced the 14th studio album of the group, surpassing bands like The Beatles (12 albums) and U2 (13 albums) in artistic creativity. Pink Floyd (15 albums) appear to be the next target for the hardworking quartet from Rødovre :-)


Vacuuming Ole Ritter

Recorded in Wrocław, PL

Playground Studios

November 2014


01 Any Daughter
02 Go! Make It Easy
03 Friggin' Reality
04 From The Bottom To The Top
05 The Hero In This Song