It Stinks, CD 1997

The – for a long time – final album of The Cheese was also – by a long way – their best. Recorded at the Ole Steen Studio in the autumn of 1996 and winter/spring of 1997 - The Cheese returned to their roots and worked in the basement at Kongeslusen no. 21, in the Copenhagen suburb of Hvidovre. The same spot where The Cheese had held all their practice-sessions since 1989.

The initial setup of the studio equipment was done by Lille-Ole, a studio technician from the Ole Erling Studio (see The Sky Tape) who later became famous for his involvement in one of the biggest corruption cases to hit Denmark in the new millenium. After the equipment was set up, The Cheese were, for the first time ever, alone and did almost all the work on the album themselves...

Michael: I pull out this album at least once a month and I am still not tired of it... There are so many different things going on and the songs are still not outdated - as many songs from the earlier albums are, for example all our hour-long mamooth-solofilled-heavy-metal-ballads...

I know it didn't really sell and we never got it out to as many people as we meant to, but in a way I am very proud that I played part in the making of this CD. I wonder if people like Aqua or Britney Spears or can pull their own shit of the shelf in a few years and listen to it feeling as good as I do about It Stinks... Probably not, but then they are millionaires and isn't that what being a musician is all about :-)

Junior: My only "official" album with The Cheese. We taped all the basic tracks in november/december 1996, following that I went off to Jutland in january 1997. The three others added vocals and from time to time sent me the latest versions for me to hear and comment on. During a short visit back in Rødovre i the Easter of 1997 I added percussion and vocals on a number of tracks. For me that was a pretty "concentrated" session. The other guys had quite a lot more time to play around with and that can definately be heard on the finished album... I mean this in a positive way!



It Stinks

Recorded in Rřdovre, DK

Ole Steen Studio

September 1996 to March 1997


01 Love Lives Here No More
02 I Am God
03 I Don't Really Care (If You're My Friend)
04 Regret
05 Growing Older
06 Paint Me
07 The Rain
08 Sleeping Suburb Story
09 Saturday Mourning
10 In Me Mind
11 Isn't It Fair
12 Angels
13 …eno rehtona evah ll'I