The Band

The Cheese is a danish band from Rřdovre, Copenhagen. Formed in 1996 By Morten Steen, Mikkel Steen, Morten B. Hansen and Michael S. Hansen on the remains of the band The Hue.

Their musical genre is classic rock, what many would call inspired by bands such as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

The Cheese has created a series of tapes and cd's (see discography) and played concerts at a number of venues in Denmark and Poland (see history).

The lineup

The current lineup of The Cheese, from left to right: Mikkel Steen, vocals/guitar, Michael S. Hansen, guitar, Morten B. Hansen, bass, Morten Steen, drums

The Hue formed early in 1990 with the following lineup:

• Singer, guitarist Mikkel Steen Nielsen, born 07.01.1974 in Taarnby, Copenhagen, referred to as Mikkel - since he came up with all the other "pet-names" he doesn't have on himself.
• Drummer Morten Kühlmann, born like all the other guys, referred to as Kühlmann or Morten K.
• Bassplayer Morten Brynaa Hansen, born 09/07-1973 in Glostrup, referred to as Emmeth or Morten H.
• Guitarist Michael Svend Hansen, born 30/10-1969, referred to as Billy or Michael
• Keyboard-player from early 1992, Tim Jørgensen, born on his birthday, Tim.

The Cheese was created on the remains of The Hue in late 1995, with the following changes taking place:

• Drummer Morten Kühlmann was replaced by Morten Steen Nielsen, born 20/09/1975 somewhere on Amager, in this book referred to as Junior or Morten S.
• Tim Jorgensen resigned from playing in the group.